Play StickMUD

StickMUD is always free to play and is located at, port 7680 (🔐 8680). Getting started is as simple as connecting to the game server, choosing a character name, a password, and configuring options about your character including your race and guild. Game clients recommended below offer different features to enhance game play.

Grapevine Client

Grapevine provides the simplest method to connect to StickMUD. A web browser is required. Game content is provided in the top panel of Grapevine. Game commands may be entered at the bottom of the window. Grapevine provides gauges for real time tracking of your character’s hit, spell and fatigue points.

Click here to play StickMUD for free on Grapevine

Image of Grapevine from a web browser

Mudlet Client

Mudlet is the best way to experience playing StickMUD for players who prefer a dynamic user interface. Mudlet will download a user interface for you when you connect to the game. The user interface is best experienced if your Mudlet window is maximized.

Click here to download Mudlet and play for free

Image of Connect screen from Mudlet
Choose StickMUD on the Connection Screen
Image of graphical user interface from Mudlet
Featuring graphical windows for chat, equipment, map, abilities, and help documents.


  • Gauges for hit, spell and fatigue points
  • A gauge to track your enemies health
  • Equipment indicators along the top of the window
  • Location information above the command entry bar
  • Chat windows that filter for guild, clan, tells or the room where you are located
  • Mapping window offers pre-built maps to many game areas
  • Bank gold and character status indicators
  • Guild abilities, skills tree and session statistics
  • Party status and help information


Mudlet supports the IRE Mapping Script. StickMUD’s map file will automatically download updates upon connection.

Image of graphical map from Mudlet client


Mudlet supports MUD Client Media Protocol. Background music sets the scene while moving from area to area. Sounds automatically download in the background during gameplay.


Mudlet connects on port 8680 to encrypt the connection from your computer to the game server with the TLS protocol to gain additional privacy.


Do not use scripts to train your character. Players must be present and not configured as robots so the game is fair for all.

Other Clients