Rules and ethics

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If something is not explicitly forbidden, it does not automatically mean that it is allowed! If you are even in slightest doubt, ASK! First use your common sense.


  • Harassment is not always easy to define, but in general may consist of one or more of the following:

a) Verbally assaulting someone in ways that would not be tolerable in real-life, such as racially or sexually.

b) Making real-life threats or unwanted advances to other players.

c) Making it difficult or impossible for another player to continue playing, such as with spamming or incessant, unrelenting, non-stop player-killing. Note that player-killing is not illegal -- just use common sense.

  • The (co)admins will decide on a case-by-case basis whether questionable behavior is harassment and what the appropriate punishment will be. Punishments can range from a warning all the way to permanent banishment.


  • Cheating is illegal; if you cheat, you'll be punished in a way that the admin or co-admin feels right at the moment.
  • If you find a cheat, you should report it. Currently there is no official way to reward bug reports. They will be coded. Try to mail or tell about bugs, because almost nobody has time to read 'bug' command logs.

What is Cheating?

  • Exploiting a bug, in any way, to achieve more exp/gold/higher skills, or player kills etc.
  • Using triggers to aid in skill training and combat, or just to keep yourself not idle (idle training is also forbidden). Summon and/or teleport triggers are also illegal.
  • Using Unregistered Multiple Characters (help multiple-char, help mchars). Furthermore logging in as Guest (and using this extra pair of eyes for whatever purposes) while playing your real character is considered cheating.
  • Passing equipment or gold between your mchars. Mchars must be completely separate and can never interact in any way.

Multiple Characters (mchars)

  • Mchars must be registered. This is done with "regchar" command. You should probably use your primary character for this.
  • You should not play secondary characters before they are registered. Of course, you are allowed to create the character, but don't play before registering.
  • The characters are never at the same time in the game, not even link dead.
  • The characters never interact with each other. For instance one may not leave money or equipment for the other characters to pick up etc.
  • Multiple chars also need to have the correct e-mail address, OR they can have "mchar of X" - where X is your primary character.
  • Allowing other people to use your character or using another player's character is forbidden. There really is no way to know who owns a character.
  • Transferring a character to another player is forbidden. You might not get caught very soon, but you will get into trouble. Mostly because people who do this never manage to keep low profile... Mixing characters (i.e. using one of your other mchars in the business of your other mchar) quickly ruins your reputation, even if it is not forbidden. Advice: don't do it. It never does you any good.
  • Advice: don't involve your mchar in the businesses of your other mchar, for example, don't revenge a death of one mchar with another mchar. You'll get a bad reputation.

A fictional example: let's say you wanted into Mage Council and used your tough non-mage mchar to force mages to vote you. Result: when mages found this out, they expelled the wannabe councillor from their guild. (I don't know if something exectly like that has really happened, that was just a fictional example.)

  • Abusive use of multiple characters will result in removal of all the secondary characters and a penalty to the main character according to the offence.

E-mail address

  • You MUST set your real mail address or give your real name with "email" command - this mud is not for anonymous hackers and hooligans.
  • If your character has a fake or wrong e-mail address or name, the character's save file can be removed without warning.
  • Coders are NOT allowed to abuse e-mail addresses and real names. They must not reveal them to other players. Besides, only Co-Admins are able to check players' e-mail addresses.

Other rules

NONE of the following will be tolerated:

  • Attacking coders. Do not attack coders or their test characters. You will be punished and it will be YOUR fault. Coder characters cannot be killed. (By the way, coders shouldn't use those "rogue coder" monsters either.)
  • Harrassing coders. Do NOT continually hound coders to do anything. Do NOT bitch over and over about everything. The more you bitch, the less we want to help. So be patient and polite and we will do our best to help.
  • Spamming public boards/channels with irrelevant notes/obscenities is illegal. If you want to flame, use the flaming board, down from adventurer's guild. Punishment for spamming is a timed banishment. Guild boards are another matter, rules depend on your guild coder.
  • Players generally make the rules themselves. Player killing IS ALLOWED nearly everywhere outside the city (and also in certain places inside). Duels, where you first agree the terms, are a good way to practice player killing.


NOTE: These are just suggestions.

  • Don't kill newbie players or players of much lower level than you. You might anger big players.
  • Don't attack another player without warning, especially if he/she is just fighting a big monster, or is sick, wounded or helpless. This might result in a guild war (those could be fun though :).
  • Leave small monsters (orc valley, zoo etc.) to low level players. They really need 'em!
  • Rather than killing someone, try first to solve the disagreement in a brawling match in the Sauna of Finnish Club, or in the Duel Arena.
  • Don't mix your mchars, i.e. don't use another mchar to revenge something that happened to one of your other characters, for example.
  • Lord channel, guild channels and other common public channels: please use english only. All players can understand some english, but not neccessarily other languages.

There are specific language channels for those fluent in another language. If there isn't and there is enough of a request, a permanent channel for that language can be made.

  • Watch out for annoying the nastiest admins with offensive mail/board messages - certain players already got a long ban due that. They almost got rm'ed.